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Cardella is your platform of your digital business card and QR codes are completely
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No more excuses or missed opportunities. 

Carry an entire portfolio of information in a single digital business card, eliminating the need for multiple physical cards. You can save new contacts and create a new professional database with a simple tap or scan!  Where you go, Cardella is right there with you.

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Empower your networking with a digital business card—a dynamic solution so you can showcase a more modern, tech-savvy you to businesses and clients. You can instantly share information, update details, and stand out.

No need for

Get ready to cut out the cost of printing, but more importantly, say goodbye to the hassle of updating details and welcome the convenience of real-time, affordable digital cards.

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Embrace the future of networking, where convenience, engagement, and environmental responsibility come together to elevate your professional image. Easily connect with anyone anywhere in the world, instantly.


Every business loves the environment. Reduce paper waste and play your part in environmental sustainability with Cardella. Oh, and you minimise clutter in your wallet, purse and/or desk.

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is ready for you

Ditch the paper chase and elevate your team’s network
with Cardella’s customisable NFC cards. Share contact
details with a tap or scan, boost lead generation, and
make a lasting impression.

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Ditch the paper, save the planet and boost
your bottom line.

By jumping on board with our digital
business card solution, you can say “hello”
to eco-friendly networking with Cardella.

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